Bienvenue au 32ème congrès de la SOFMER

It has taken sixty-four years after the creation of the “Institute of rehabilitation of the incapacitated” for holding the SOFMER convention in Lorraine at Nancy. It may be surprising regarding the importance of the Lorraine teams in the development of solutions facing disabling diseases and accidents throughout the field of reeducation and rehabilitation medicine, rehabilitation professions, handicap-related technologies. This has been done thanks to remarkable professionals who managed to develop innovative organizations and to open up to new illnesses and new solutions far beyond the health scope, in a continuum from initial treatments to socio-professional rehabilitation and inclusion. All of this was made possible through the succession of exceptional individuals: professors Louis PIERQUIN, founder of the Regional Institute of Rehabilitation, Jean-Marie ANDRE whose the mere organization of the new Regional Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation demonstrates visionary dynamism, and now Jean PAYSANT who develops new solutions to reduce disabilities with the assistance of engineering sciences and restorative biological approaches which must be available from tomorrow.
We then thank the Lorraine teams for greeting us today in the wonderful Palais Prouvé and for sharing their dynamism towards the 3rd millenary reeducation, the one which will lead over reeducation and rehabilitation to the mended human, an enhanced human to self-sufficiency, without actually getting away from humanistic values and ethics. Thanks as well to all of the participants that enrich the congress with their experiences and studies, illustrating the wealth and diversity of our medical discipline. To all the conference delegates, the SOFMER board wishes a great congress and fruitful discussions! Last point: we will be back in Nancy before 64 years.

Pr Pierre-Alain JOSEPH
Sofmer Président

Nancy 2017Before, Nancy was far!
Before, Nancy was too small for the SOFMER!

Today, with the TGV and the brand new Centre Prouvé, Nancy proudly welcomes you!
  • Nancy is one of the epicenters of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in France with Louis PIERQUIN and its multiple teams, Prosthetics and Orthotics, vocational rehabilitation, etc.
  • Nancy is also the Regional Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the commitments of “Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie” in the development of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in France.
  • Nancy, where hospitality, research care and teaching are fostered, where the spirit of hospital and university rehabilitation flourishes. 
Don’t miss the first SOFMER in Nancy October 5th, 6th and 7th 2017 !

The organizing committee, Nancy and the people of Lorraine will bring you a moment to take pause, reflect, broaden your intellectual horizons, share openly with peers, and gain useful knowledge and skills. This break is essential for all who work passionately in our wonderfully human, social, technological and pedagogical discipline.
In Nancy, you will be surrounded by gastronomy, history and culture. This idyllic setting will be the breeding ground of your personal development and our collective progress, supported by the work of the French Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
See you soon in the City of the Dukes of Lorraine and of Good King Stanislas, in the artistic and social heart of Art Nouveau style…
President of the local organizing committee
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